Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"H" is for HONOR

HONOR seems to be a lost virtue in today's society.  Respect for authority, parents, and even one another are on the downhill slide in a rapid way.  When I was growing up, a kid would never even think of calling an adult by his/her first name.  He got his mouth washed out with soap for smarting off, and his backside spanked for misbehaving.  There was a healthy fear of school officials, the law in general, and our parents if we did anything wrong.  Those in positions of authority were held in high esteem, which means they were respected for the positions they held.  It's just not the same today as it was back then.  In some respects, our progressive attitude has cost us so much because of what we've lost in the process.

Giving HONOR is a choice.  It means giving place to those who are older and wiser, and who are "over" us.   It also means valuing their input when they speak into our lives.

Who and what we HONOR is indicative of our heart attitudes.  My prayer is that our hearts would always be in alignment with the Word of God, and therefore always keep us on the right path.

HONOR.  Give it.  Show it.   Acknowledge those worthy of it.

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